Friday, December 17, 2010

I Eat Food Too.

I've been thinking about foods that I would like to learn how to make, baked goods made with whole wheat flour, for example. I've also been thinking about how I'd like to learn how to make a dish or two that has many components that could take many tries to perfect. The food that got me thinking this way was banh mi, which has many components that I could learn how to make (baguette, pickled vegetables, pork products of many types, etc.) but would also be possible to make at home with purchased components so I could focus on one at a time. Another food that I've been thinking of working on perfecting is soup, especially soup made with my own stock. I'm not launching a cooking extravaganza today, but I am thinking about it in the back of my mind for when I have more time or for the next time I go grocery shopping and feel adventurous.

PS: If anyone's interested in reading stupid things I write in 140 character increments, I'm foodbabymama over there as well.

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  1. I meant to reply to this before, but somehow I haven't. King Arthur's White Whole Wheat flour is amazing. I have replaced it with good success in just about everything. It probably wouldn't work in really delicate cakes or pastry's but is great in cookies, muffins and pancakes.

    I also have been meaning to learn how to make stock on my own. Vegetable, in our case, since we don't do meat. I am going to try to keep peels and such from our CSA this spring for this purpose. We will see how it goes. Happy cooking!