Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 4: Pretending Day 3 doesn't exist

If I don't pretend that yesterday just doesn't exist, then I'll get all self-conscious (even though no one is reading this, which is totally ok) and want to either back date an entry so it looks like I posted every day or delete everything and start over. I really would like to be able to go back in time to yesterday and post the stupid little blurb about bananas that I was thinking would be ok, but I can't, so we'll just move forward like everything is fine and it will be.

So, bananas. I feel like she's been eating bananas for ever, but obviously she hasn't been alive that long. Bananas are our go to fruit, though. During the summer, I would put almost-too-ripe-to-eat bananas in the freezer, broken up into thirds, and she would gnaw on them when it was crazy hot out. Now, she'll eat almost a whole banana for breakfast if and only if the "better" part of breakfast hasn't been presented to her yet. I'll sit her in her highchair while I'm still gathering our breakfast and she'll happily munch on as much banana as I give her. Once she sees the bowl of yogurt or the sausage or whatever it is, the banana goes on the floor and she'll only look at it as if to say, "ew, you want me to eat what now?"

It's also almost like the amount of banana she's eaten has no influence on what she'll eat afterwards. Some days she'll eat a whole banana plus anything else I'll put in front of her. Some days she'll eat one chunk of banana and three or four bites of yogurt and that's it. It's probably better that she eat when she's hungry and that I don't try to force her to eat more.

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