Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We were playing up in the third floor, and I was glancing at an old issue of Cooks Illustrated, when Grace saw a picture of a tray of muffins and shouted "muffins!" I remembered that we had an old box of muffin mix and figured why not? So we went downstairs to make some muffins. I measured the ingredients and Grace poured them into the bowl. We took turns mixing. Waiting for them to cook, she kept grabbing the timer shouting "muffins!" Finally they were done baking, but waiting for them to cool brought more of the same.
Needless to say, the muffins made from an old mix were not really very good. Grace ate a little of one, but I'm thinking it might be ok to chuck the rest and try again tomorrow with better ingredients. As something to do on a rainy day, though, I'd say it was a success.