Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Better late than never.

Last week, Grace ate two foods that I'd offered a bunch of times but she'd always rejected: oatmeal and gnocchi. I always offer her a taste of foods even when she's rejected them before, because tastes change and you never know. I had kind of given up on oatmeal, though, since I eat it for breakfast almost every weekday morning and she never showed any interest.
Not so last week, though. She pointed at my oatmeal (which we encourage her to do to communicate rather than the ear-splitting shrieking that she does sometimes) and I thought she was pointing at every other thing on the table (sippy, puffs, fruit, etc.) before I finally realized she wanted some oatmeal. She ate four or five big bites. I was definitely surprised. The same thing happened with the gnocchi, though she had had less exposure to them since I don't cook them that often.
These two experiences encourage me to keep offering her foods that she's rejected because you never know when she'll start liking something. I don't have any expectations that she'll eat mass quantities, though. If she doesn't like or want something, I won't force her to eat it.

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