Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cheese Quesadillas Revisited

What seems like forever ago, when Grace was first starting to eat solid foods, she started eating cheese quesadillas (is saying "cheese quesadilla" redundant or is it making it clear that there isn't anything else in the quesadilla besides cheese?) like they were going out of style. Gobbled them down like she hadn't been fed in days. At some point, she got tired of them, but I kept making them, mostly due to the convenience of only having to sprinkle cheese on a tortilla and heat it on the stove for a few minutes. She'd eat them, but rather than take bites, she'd pull off one side of tortilla and eat the cheese off of the other side. I moved on to other foods for her, but sometimes I would make a quesadilla for myself that had leftover chicken or pork in it. If she took some of my quesadilla, she'd take out the meat and eat the cheese, as usual.

A few weeks ago, I made chicken quesadillas for dinner, not thinking that Grace would eat any since she'd had dinner earlier. She proceeded to eat over half of a chicken quesadilla, taking bites of the whole thing, chicken, cheese and tortilla all in one bite. Since then, I've offered to make quesadillas for her for lunch. Some days she wants one and will eat it rather than dissect out the cheese. I feel like this says something about something, but I'm not quite sure what. I'm pretty sure it doesn't say anything about my parenting or anything that I'm doing, but perhaps something about her taste in food or something.

Relaxed lunch time with milk, fruit and cheese quesadilla.