Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1: Where We Are Now

Writing and posting late in the day, so I'll keep it short so I can at least say I posted something.

We've gotten into a good routine of sorts for our weekday breakfasts and lunches. Breakfast is some sort of fruit (usually banana), then yogurt or sausage. It was chobani yogurt with fruit for a while, but recently we switched to a plain yogurt with some fruit added. She'll gobble down a whole order of sausage when we go to the diner, so I've been cooking her some sausage for breakfast during the week some times.
Lunch for the past few months has been cheese quesadilla, sometimes with something else in addition like pepperoni or some of what I'm eating for lunch.

It's dinner that we have the most variability and, to be honest, that I have the most trouble with. I'm trying to make more vegetables for her, but it's not really something I'm that great at doing on a consistent basis. We've taken to giving her a pouch of veggie puree some days, which I'm just deciding I'm ok with and not feeling guilt over.

I'm trying little by little to get more variety of foods into her diet, but it's slow going.

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