Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Rabbit

We (Grace and I) were preparing dinner this evening. She likes to help make dinner sometimes (or at least she likes me to hold her while I prepare  dinner, as opposed to playing or just standing next to me). Tonight I made one of my go to meals of putting a roasting pan full of veggies with some sort of protein on top in the oven and letting them cook for a while. The veggies usually are baby carrots with some other veggies mixed in (sometimes potatoes, sometimes this root vegetable mix I've been getting at Trader Joe's, sometimes with brussels sprouts), then drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. The protein is usually chicken of some kind or pork chops.
Today I was mixing some carrots in with the root vegetable mix, when Grace grabbed a carrot and started gnawing on it. Then she grabbed a handful of carrots, presumably for later. While the veggies and chicken were baking, she ate her carrots. She ate maybe a carrot and a half of bites taken from 4 or 5 different carrots. Then she ate a carrot or two of cooked carrot. I knew that she liked cooked carrot, but she hadn't really shown any interest in raw carrot until today. It always surprises me when she shows interest in new things. It's a good thing.