Friday, July 15, 2011

Am I a blogger or what?

I've been pondering this blog a bunch lately. Why do I have this blog? Why do I have the blog but never post anything? Why, if I have something I'd like to write about for the blog, do I not write it? Why do I write posts then not post them? Am I a food blogger who happens to be a mom or am I a mom/parenting blogger who likes food? Or am I a mom who likes food and talking about parenting and it doesn't have to be one or the other? If I want to post something about myself and not specifically about my daughter, does that mean I'm not blogging about parenting, or am I blogging about parenting by definition because I am a parent and blogging about myself is blogging about a parent?

I have these crazy ideas of going to blogger conferences and meeting people whose blogs I read or whose twitter feeds I follow. I have crazy ideas that people (other than people I already know) will read my blog, that I'll get better at writing through this blog, that what I write will matter at all to anyone other than me. I have this crazy idea that I won't just be writing about myself and my kid, that what I write will appeal to a wider audience than just me. It's not like I think I'll become some awesome, famous blogger who reads at conferences and writes books, just that maybe some day I'll attend those conferences and meet those bloggers who read posts and write books. (I also have this crazy idea that some day I'll learn how to like camping and go to a bunch of music festivals, but I think that's a lot less likely since I hate sweating and music festivals and camping all happen in the summer. I also have a crazy idea that I'll learn how to do blog footnotes which is where this whole camping thing would've gone, but that's something for another day.)

What do I really want to accomplish by writing, by posting here, by having people (have the opportunity to) read what I write? I feel like I have something to say, and most days I feel like I want people to hear what I have to say. Whether this partial organization of thoughts will lead to more posts or not, we'll see. I do know I have many post ideas floating around in my head waiting to be written out. Hopefully they'll see the light of blog.

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