Friday, April 8, 2011

Putting the theory into practice

Remember how I wrote about the food division of responsibility and how I wanted to help Grace make her own food choices? Well, today that intention was put into practice. We were talking about what to have for breakfast, and she pointed to the cookies and said "cookie, cookie" all cute like. I told her that we could have a cookie at lunch or at dinner, but we'd have something different for breakfast. She had been talking all morning about peaches and grapes, so I was able to distract her from the cookies with those and she was happy.

Lunch time rolls around, and she's back being all cute chanting "cookie, cookie", pointing up to the shelf with the cookie box. I decided that lunch was as good a time as any to put this food choices thing into practice. We picked out a few foods besides the cookies that she liked (grapes, orange and a babybel cheese), and I put two cookies on a plate with the orange and cheese, and the grapes in a bowl. She ate the cookies, some orange and some grapes before she asked for another cookie. I got her another cookie as well as some more grapes. She ate the cookie as well as the cheese, the orange and the extra grapes. Then she asked for another cookie.

I gave her a fourth cookie. I think she ate half of it. I asked her if she wanted any more grapes (no), orange (no), cheese (no), or cookie (no). She decided what she wanted to eat and she decided when she was done. I'd like to say that I don't feel awesome that my daughter made what most would judge as "good" food choices, but I do. It makes me feel better about meals where she eats only fries, because I know that she's not only choosing the "bad" foods. She's choosing the foods she likes and the foods she wants to eat. I'm hopeful that I can stay this confident in her choices should she have a cliche picky toddler eating phase.

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