Friday, March 18, 2011

Meat-eater baby

While we were on vacation (about which I definitely have a post or two brewing in my mind), Grace decided that she really likes chicken. She'd eaten it a few times before, but on vacation, she ate it for a few meals as her actual meal, as opposed to a bite or two in addition to eating every french fry in sight. (She also ate fries with ketchup for the first time, but dipping things in ketchup isn't her new favorite thing, and ketchup isn't meat, so we'll save that for later.)
She'd always been a fan of sausage, but most other meats hadn't really interested her for whatever reason (unfamiliar taste, that it requires more chewing than other foods, who knows?). This past week, she's eaten pork chop and steak. It was quite interesting hearing her say "more, more, more" when I was half expecting her to avoid eating it altogether.

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